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Insufficient Memory on Android CI Server

Insufficient Memory on Android CI ServerWe recently faced an error where jenkins in our Android CI setup was aborting builds because of insufficient space on the box. This was strange since we have allocated a huge 250G box solely for this purpose.While trying to solve this issue, I came across some useful things that I think might be useful for other people and whoever is facing this issue, it’d be worthwhile to check these points:If you have been using gradle’s build cache, check it’s folder’s size ( .gradle folder in your home). In my case, it was taking 123GB !. This is because it never used to clear the cache.Keep in mind that clearing all of it will slow down your builds. So you’ll have to clean it smartly. One option is going with time based approach. This tip (shared by Gautam Korlam) cleans up files not accessed within the last month:find ~/.gradle -type f -atime +30 -delete
find ~/.gradle -type d -mindepth 1 -empty -deleteIn my case, I readjusted it to be 7 days, instead of …
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